Telecom Transformers, DSL Splitters/Filters, DC Fans, IEC/EMI Connectors, Optics

LED’s for consumer and commercial markets

Quartz Timing Devices, Real Time Clocks

Capacitors, Resistors, Inductors, Magnetics, Speakers, Microphones, Relays and Connectors (FPC and Board to Board)

Memory: Memory Cards, NAND/NOR Flash, Embedded memory

ASIC: CMOS, Gate Arrays, Standard Cells, COT

RF: Microwave GaAs FETs for C, L, Ku and X Band Detectors

Storage: Small Form Factor Hard Drives and Solid State Drives

Timing, Power Sequencing, and Mixed Signal Logic Solutions for a broad range of applications.

Circuit Protection, automotive, magnetic products and potentiometers.

PMIC’s, audio CODEC’s and Amps, LED drivers and power conversion.

Low layer count to high layer count PCB’s

2.5 G / 5G /10G MAC / Phy’s and NIC’s.

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